Our Services

Walker Wilson Consulting can help maximize your organization’s mission and add value to your organization through customized organizational development, executive coaching, and entrepreneurial opportunity strategies. Depending on your needs and goals, Walker Wilson Consulting can serve as an expert, trainer, facilitator, coach, or advocate.

For example, we can:

  • coach you through making difficult leadership decisions
  • lead a participatory strategic planning process to build ownership and unify focus for your staff and board
  • facilitate retreats and meetings to maximize your team’s scarce time
  • analyze and improve your organization’s financial sustainability
  • guide you through a leadership transition
  • analyze merger or strategic alliance opportunities
  • assess your organization’s sustainability, culture, finances, operations, programs, fundraising, communications, governance, technology, and/or human resources for greater effectiveness
  • hold you accountable for achieving your personal leadership goals
  • offer leadership development training
  • conduct staff/board development sessions to increase your team’s skills and productivity
  • provide guidance on how you can start up a nonprofit organization or get a small business off to a strong start
  • serve as part-time interim director if your organization is in transition.