Cherokee Boys Club testimonial for the work I did for them via WNC Nonprofit Pathways – 2015-17.

“Thank you so much for walking the rocky path with me the past 3 months. The work you do must be challenging, but it has a tremendous impact. This organization is going to help a lot more people than it already has and any of our annual reports you see with more people served, you should know you had a hand in that happening.  Awesome!”

~ Sara Coplai, Coaching Client

“I am so grateful to Greg for his guidance and wisdom. The individual leadership coaching pushed me through some fears about holding staff accountable and really helped me “own” my leadership in a deeper way.”

~ Coaching Client

“It was so helpful to have not only a good sounding board, but someone with experience and ideas for how to address challenges. Greg did an excellent job listening and then reflecting back on what I’d said I’d done. He was able to offer options to consider and had several resources to recomment that were much appreciated.”

~ Coaching Client

“Thank Greg for all of your support that you gave to our organization and to this process. It could not have gone this well without your support.”

~ Executive Transition Client

“You both did a wonderful job of passing the baton back and forth, offfering of yourselves and your experiences. I like the chemistry between you two as well as with the class. You didn’t play favorites.  You didn’t answer every question with a question, but you still didn’t do the work for us. Nice balance.”

~ Leadership Training Participant

“Greg is amazing. Because he has leadership experience, he was always ready to share a story. He was supportive, willing to listen to any issues I had, and provided insightful, positive advice to help me navigate some difficult situations. It is great to have someone like this to check in with.”

~ Coaching Client

“Over a number of years, I had the opportunity to observe the development of Mountain BizWorks from a small, “teetering on the edge” nonprofit to a strong, diversified microenterprise support program offering highly impactful services in western North Carolina.

Much of the credit for this transformation has to be given to Greg Walker-Wilson who, as director, led MBW through an organizational development process that energized the board, generated immediate resources and a longer-term sustainability plan, and created a strategic plan that guided it well for many years.

When Greg left MBW to pursue international work, he left it well-positioned for even greater success under new leadership.”

~ Elaine Edgcomb, Director FIELD, Aspen Institute